5G-LOGINNOV - Stakeholder assessment WP4



5G-LOGINNOV - Stakeholder Assessment


This is a survey being conducted by the Consortium partners of the 5G-LOGINNOV project, funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme.

5G-LOGINNOV will be a catalyst for market opportunities build on 5G Core Technologies in the Logistics domains, thus being a pillar of economic development and business innovation and promoting local innovative high-tech SME and Start-ups.

5G-LOGINNOV will open SME's and Start-ups' door to these new markets using its three Living Labs as facilitators and ambassadors for innovation on ports. 5G-LOGINNOV promising innovations are key for the major deep sea European ports in view of the mega-vessel era (Hamburg, Athens), and are also relevant for medium sized ports with limited investment funds (Koper) for 5G.

The aim of this survey is to create a knowledge base of the stakeholders profiles, assessing their needs, gains and pains, and gather their input and feedbacks. In particular, its purpose is to figure out the main current and future needs perceived by the actors involved in the Living Labs, investigating their level of interest and enthusiasm for the solutions based on 5G technologies.

The questionnaire is composed of the follwoing sections:

1) Details about the respondent and its organization;

2) Assess the respondent's awareness and knowledge on Industry and Logistics 4.0 paradigms;

3) Assess the respondent's awareness and knowledge on 5G, Internet of Things and Digital Twin, Cloud, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies;

4) Assess the Critical Success Factors;

5) Use case impact assessment;

6) Contacts and further participation.

The results of this questionnaire will help us to determine stakeholders' requirements and interest for the solutions based on 5G technologies. The information we collect from you is meant for internal and research use only. We will ask for your email address later on so that we can contact you for further information, if you agree. Your data will not be used for any other purposes and will not be shared with third parties.

The detailed GDPR statement is available here and must be accepted in the first section of the survey.